ACH Connect for Salesforce is a native ACH solution that allows Salesforce users to transmit ACH credits or debits directly within their Salesforce environment. Users can submit payments that correspond to Salesforce records including Accounts, Contacts, and opportunities.

Clients looking to automate their accounts receivable process can use a customized version of the ACH Connect solution to automatically create cash receipts or custom transactions/receipts based on billing or invoice records generated. Alternatively, Accounting Seed users can utilize the ACH Connect Accounting Seed Extension for the automatic creation of payments and subsequent Cash Receipts Billing Records that come due.

Accounts Payable Automation is a feature of the ACH Connect for Salesforce solution that streamlines the paying and recording of ACH/PAD transactions and generation of cash disbursements, all of which happens in an automated fashion.

ACH credits and/or debits submitted through the ACH Connect for Salesforce app are transmitted directly to the client's financial institution for deposit or credit. Funds are settled and cleared within the account, helping eliminate middlemen, consequently reducing processing costs and decreasing float times.

Payments within a client's Salesforce environment are initiated and associated with either a Salesforce Account, Contact, or both.

ACH Connect clients can utilize built-in recurring functionality. Recurring periodicity functions include Recur on X of Month, Recur Every X Days, Recur Annually, Semi-Annually, Tri-Annually, and Quarterly. Setting the first billing date and the number of times a transaction is to recur are additional options available with the solution.

ACH Connect for Salesforce supports Accounting Seed with an open extension. With the ACH Connect Accounting Seed extension, clients can automate the generation of remittance advice notifications and payments for both Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

ACH Connect allows clients to submit ACH credits and debits as well as reconciling ACH returns. All ACH returns including NSFs, Account Closed, etc., are retrieved from the client's financial institution, parsed, and synchronized into the Salesforce environment. This process allows clients to create workflows for both soft bounces and hard bounces returned.

ACH Connect ensures that recurring or one-off ACH payments corresponding to Salesforce Opportunities, Billing, or Payable records, do not exceed the amount of the record.