Salesforce Check Scanning and ACH Payment Solutions for Self-Directed IRA Custodians

Self-directed IRA (SDIRA) custodians using the Payology Check Scanning and ACH Connect for Salesforce apps can reduce the time it takes to apply payments by up to 90%.

Using Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce allows Self-directed IRA Custodians to scan checks and remittance advice and apply them to financial accounts, assets, split-assets, contributions, rollovers, and transfers. Additionally, scanning users can select corresponding tax codes and view equity positions when splitting assets.

An advantage of using Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce is check and remittance advice grouping, where an SDIRA custodian can scan one remittance item with several checks or one check with several remittance items, applying them accordingly.

Using ACH Connect for Salesforce, self-directed IRA custodians can collect rent, notes, and dividends, automatically applying these payments to Salesforce records, streamlining the accounts receivable process.

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