Salesforce Check Scanning and Document Scanning Solutions for Nonprofit/Higher Education

Nonprofit organizations utilizing Salesforce NPSP, Causeview, or Linvio often use Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce to automate their Accounts Receivables process. With this solution nonprofit clients can scan checks and remittance advice directly into Salesforce. Remittance advice or historical check data can be used to match checks to individual donor or household records. Mail package, solicitation/campaign, fund, and donor IDs can also be extracted from remittance advice to further streamline the receivables process.

Out-of-box, the solution allows nonprofits to apply checks to one-time gifts, gifts in-honor, gifts in-memorial, matching gifts, major gifts, open pledges, new pledges, and events.

Nonprofits who choose to backdate checks at the beginning of their fiscal year can select the received date on the user interface or on the batch controller upon save and close if checks are presorted.

Higher Education organizations using Salesforce utilize Docusplit to manage documents received from students or other sources. Typically used by the Admissions and Financial Aid departments, Docusplit can be used to scan, import, or split documents such as transcripts and supporting documentation for admissions applications or financial aid.

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