rebranding as Payology

In efforts to continue offering our clients the best payment options in the market, will offer its clients a unified payment platform by adding credit card payments, wires, and real-time payments throughout 2021, shifting from our sole focus of offering ACH, Canadian EFT, and check technology. As we modernize and expand our product offering, shifting from Check21 based solutions, we will rebrand under our new name, Payology.

Credit Card Payments Coming in Q4

Starting in Q4 of 2021, will begin offering credit card payments to all US-based clients. This service will be available to clients using Salesforce or other cloud-based environments. The credit card gateway is expected to certify as a Level 2 gateway for online-based credit card processing.

Wires and Real-Time Payments Coming in Q4 will continue adding to its service offerings in Q4 of 2021, adding batch wires and real-time payments. Real-time payments are part of the RTP network that federally insured depository institutions can use to clear and settle payments in real-time. By including wires and real-time payments, gives its clients the ease of collecting and disbursing payments.

ACH Connect for Salesforce
CheckForce Check Scanning for Salesforce

ACH Connect is the only native Salesforce end-to-end ACH solution that allows clients to create ACH credits and debits directly within their Salesforce environment and link them to Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities. Clients using the ACH Connect solution can deliver NACHA files directly to their financial institution bypassing third-party processors and aggregators.