Document Scanning and PDF Parsing Solutions for Transportation Logistics Organizations

Commercial and industrial transportation logistics organizations utilizing Salesforce can streamline their document management process by installing, configuring, and adopting Docusplit for Salesforce. These organizations can similarly simplify their Accounts Payable process by using ACH Connect.

Docusplit allows transportation companies to manage all their documents natively in Salesforce. Common documents received and imported into Docusplit are bills of lading, invoices, onboarding documents for new drivers, as well as customs paperwork. Transportation clients typically import these documents from Salesforce email queues (generally emailed by drivers) or scan them directly into the app. Once within the Docusplit app, transportation companies can split the documents appropriately and save each page or group of pages to its Load record. Annotation and image editing functions are also built into the app and used as needed.

ACH Connect for Salesforce allows transportation companies to automate their Accounts Payable processes by simplifying the disbursement of funds to owners/operators. On the payable due date, discount due date, or on the manually selected date, ACH Connect will generate a NACHA payment, notify the vendor of the remittance, and create the Cash Disbursement record, zeroing the balance of the payable record.

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