Check 21 Timeline

Check 21 Act Enacted by Congress

Congress enacted the Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act, allowing check recipients of paper checks to create a digital version of the original check.

Check 21 Act Takes Effect

Banks began to reap the effects of Check 21 by scanning and transmitting check images across multiple institutions. This process led to the broad usage of the Remote Deposit Capture service by bank business customers., LLC Founded launched its first version of the Payment Gateway allowing customers to utilize Virtual Check 21 debit options.

First Milestone Surpassed

The Payment platform surpassed its first milestone, transmitting over 1MM checks to financial institutions nationwide. Launched acquired the domain and launched its proprietary check verification solution, Live Verification. Adds ATM/NCN Verification

ATM Verify and NCN Verify were introduced to the platforms, allowing clients to benefit from 2 additional Check Verification options.

CheckForce for Salesforce Released

CheckForce for Salesforce, the first and only native Salesforce check scanning and accounts receivable automation solution is released.

Scanomation for Salesforce Released

Scanomation, a native Salesforce document scanning solution, is released, allowing clients to scan documents directly into Salesforce.

CheckForce SDK and API Launched

CheckForce Check Scanning SDK and CheckForce Check Capture API solutions launched, offering clients the ability to scan or capture check images within their cloud-based or mobile environments.

ACH Options Added to Payment Gateway

ACH debit and ACH credit options are added to the Payment Gateway, allowing clients to transmit NACHA files directly to their financial institution.

CheckForce For Non-Profits and IRA Custodians Launched

Two extensions of CheckForce for Salesforce customized specifically for IRA Custodians and nonprofits are developed.

Docusplit Launched

Docusplit allows Salesforce users to import, extract, and save PDF files directly within their Salesforce environment. Launched ACH Connect for Salesforce

The ACH Connect Salesforce app streamlines ACH Debit and ACH Credit submissions to the Payment Gateway and subsequently to a client’s financial institution.

ACH Connect Accounting Seed Extension Released releases an extension for Accounting Seed automating Cash Receipt and Cash Disbursement creation, streamlining the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes.

CheckForce for Property Management Released

An extension of CheckForce, specifically tailored for property management organizations is released allowing for plug-and-play configuration. Surpassed 30MM Items Submitted hit another milestone with over 30MM items submitted (Check Verification, Check 21, Check Capture, ACH, and Document Submissions) and Accounting Seed Partnership and Accounting Seed partner to provide ACH Connect to Accounting Seed clients.

New Version of Scanomation and Docusplit

Markup and annotation features added to Docusplit and Scanomation.

Salesforce Mobile Check Capture Released

CheckForce Mobile Capture for Salesforce is released, allowing clients to capture and submit check images using smartphones or flatbed scanners.

ACH Connect Feature Update

ACH Connect allows payment management directly within Salesforce Communities.

Payology Mobile Check Capture Blackthorn Extension Released and Blackthorn partner to add Payology Mobile Check Capture to the Blackthorn Mobile solution.

CheckForce Products Rebranded as Payology

Becoming a unified payment platform, rebrands its CheckForce products under the Payology name. CheckForce becomes Payology Check Scanning and CheckForce Mobile becomes Payology Mobile Check Capture.

Docusplit and Scanomation Merged into 1 Product

The functions of Scanomation are merged into Docusplit, giving users the ability to scan/import, edit, and save documents in a single Salesforce application.

ForeWarn Validation Launched launches ForeWarn Validation to enhance account validation solutions for Check Verification clients.

Check Verification for Salesforce Launched

Check Verification options are extended to Salesforce, allowing organizations to validate bank account information.