Check Verification for Salesforce

Check Verification for Salesforce is a native application that allows clients to utilize multiple verification methods to reduce ACH and check returns. Using ATM/NCN to identify negative check writers and ForeWarn to validate bank accounts, organizations can assess and mitigate risks associated with electronic and physical payment presentment.

Use ATM/NCN Verification to reduce returns by identifying negative check writers from a consortium of databases including TeleCheck and MicroBilt.

Clients can verify account validity in real-time using ForeWarn Validation, used by some of the largest financial institutions in the US, to reduce R02, R03, R04, R13 ACH returns and Unable to Locate, Refer to Maker, Closed Account, and Frozen check returns.

NOTE: As of March 19, 2021, NACHA will require initial web-based ACH transactions to be validated. Check Verification ensures clients stay ACH compliant to negate return-related interruptions in their business.

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