Payology Check Scanning SDK

The Payology Check Scanning Software Development Kit is a unique web-based check scanning solution offered to clients and technology providers. Clients can use the Payology Check Scanning SDK to scan checks and remittance advice directly into their cloud-based environment. Specifically, the SDK allows for access to check scanning devices, parsing of MICR lines and barcodes, OCR conversion of text data including amount, payee names and addresses, and extraction of check images both front and back. Image quality and usability testing are also performed.

The Payology Check Scanning SDK is an ideal solution for clients who seek to scan checks remotely or third parties who would like to provide this service to others (i.e. payment gateway provider to merchant). In most instances, because the client database consists of end-customer balance and contact data, matching check payees and amounts against data points can help in the creation of a seamless and efficient accounts receivable process.

When combined with the Payment Gateway, SDK users can transmit check images captured during the scanning process directly to their financial institution for deposit. In many cases, the client may choose to utilize an ACH conversion process, thus allowing them to use already existing funds collection infrastructure. However, it is strongly recommended to use Check 21 (x.937) to ensure that all business checks and certified checks can be deposited.

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