Check Verification API

The Check Verification API allows clients to utilize multiple verification methods to reduce ACH and check returns. Using both ATM/NCN and ForeWarn Validation gives clients the security of knowing their payments are valid. Clients utilizing the Check Verification API will be able to identify bad check writers and verify account validity in real-time to reduce non-administrative ACH and check returns.

ATM/NCN Verify– This service allows an organization to query several negative databases including Telecheck and Microbilt. The databases contain check-writing history for millions of accounts in the US.

ForeWarn- The ForeWarn service provider receives millions of account records daily from the majority of the banks in the US, therefore providing high coverage and accuracy. This service is utilized to verify account validity, matching account data entered or submitted by an organization's users to the data provided by the banks.

It’s important to note that as of March 19, 2021, the verification of account validity will be required for initial WEB ACH transactions.

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