Check Scanning, ACH, and Check Verification Solutions for Municipalities

City and state municipalities use a variety of solutions to streamline their accounts receivables process across multiple divisions. With the Payment Gateway, municipalities can debit their individual account holders via ACH, while using advance payment collection methods to debit corporate accounts. Such methods may include Remotely Created Checks (RCC), a virtual image of a check created using a corporation's name, address, and bank account. When using the Remotely Created Check option, municipalities mitigate the risk posed by bank accounts whose ACH debit functions have been disabled, ensuring the highest collection ratios while lowering the overall return ratio.

City and State municipalities within the Salesforce ecosystem also use the Payology Check Scanning solution. Within the platform, the solution is used to scan checks and remittance advice and apply the items to their respective open invoices. The remittance advice corresponds to one or more open bills, allowing for check data to be pre-populated on the check scanning user interface. Similarly, historical check data can be used to prepopulate the account holder/payee and the selection of applied invoices from oldest to newest. To comply with city, state, and federal laws, validation options built into the app are enabled, ensuring check payees whose accounts are flagged cannot have their items deposited.

Municipalities using Salesforce can also use Docusplit to manage their physical and electronic documents. Docusplit can be used to scan paper documents directly into Salesforce ensuring the utmost in security and privacy policy adherence. With the solution, users are no longer required to save scanned documents onto their PC before importing the documents into Salesforce. This process can be done natively with Docusplit. Docusplit can also be used to import electronic or physical documents for parsing purposes, dividing documents that were merged. For example, tax returns, bank statements, and photo IDs merged into one PDF can be separated into 3 or more PDFs and associated with their corresponding Salesforce records.

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