Payology Mobile Check Capture API

The Payology Mobile Check Capture API is a check capture solution that allows users to utilize flatbed scanners or mobile devices to capture check images, rotate, crop, and convert both the front and back of the check to federally accepted standards. The Payology Mobile Check Capture API also provides parsed MICR information, check payee name and address, amounts, image quality, and usability testing data.

To further streamline the accounts receivable process, clients may choose to utilize the Payment Gateway for deposit purposes. When adding this component, a check image and the corresponding data captured by the Payology Mobile Check Capture API are transmitted to the Payment Gateway and directed to the client’s financial institution for deposit. Deposits can occur by converting the extracted check data (i.e. routing, account, and check number) to ACH or by submitting the check image to the financial institution utilizing Check 21 (x.937). The benefit to using Check 21 can be significant, especially as it relates to chargeback risks and certified check collection.

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