Payment Gateway

The Electronic Payment Gateway allows merchants to determine and utilize the payment method that best meets or exceeds predetermined business objectives. Cost-conscious merchants can choose standard debit or payment options such as ACH, Check 21 (i.e. Check Scanning), or Canadian PAD, while merchants requiring alternative options can generate remotely created checks (RCC) and submit them within Check 21 files (x9/ICL).

In contrast to our competitors, works strictly as a technology provider. is not a third-party processor or aggregator, which allows merchants to benefit from decreased float times and costs when utilizing’s methodologies and technology. Merchants work directly with their financial institution, eliminating a middleman or broker in the accounts receivable and accounts payable processes. will create and upload debit and credit files directly to a merchant’s financial institution. Post-submission, will verify the successful settlement of the deposit and/or credit and reconcile ACH, PAD, and check returns when necessary.

The payment platform allows merchants who are collecting physical check items to scan those items using our Payology Check Scanning SDK, Payology Mobile Check Capture, or their own solution, and then submit the checks electronically to their financial institution. Unlike ACH, this method allows a merchant to collect business checks as well as certified checks.

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