About Check 21

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At its foundation, the goal of the Check21.com team was to build a platform that helps merchants process payments directly with their financial institution, bypassing the use of a third-party processor. As we evolved, so too did our product offerings, shifting from solely a payment gateway provider to a financial technology organization that focuses on Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable automation. Today, we pride ourselves on having the most knowledgeable team focused on financial technology development while supporting our clients through each of their requests, significantly enhancing our solutions quarterly.
Customer service, custom solutions, and an innovative approach to the A/R, A/P, and funds collection processes are the main objectives of the Check21.com team.

Key Members

Check21.com prides itself on providing exemplary account management and customer service to each one of its clients.

Ido Meros Solutions Consultant Check 21

Ido Meros

Solutions Consultant

Chris Rodriguez Director of Customer Success Check 21

Chris Rodriguez

Director of Customer Success

Mike Ginzburg Senior Vice President Check 21

Mike Ginzburg

Senior Vice President

Anna Gonzalez as Customer Success Manager

Anna Gonzalez

Customer Success Manager

Yael Meroz Junior Business Analyst at Check 21

Yael Meros

Junior Business Analyst

Rachel Fiegler RevOpes Advisor

Rachel Fiegler

VP of RevOps