No. is not a payment processor or third-party aggregator, but a pipeline between a client and their institution. All transactions submitted to the Payment Gateway are directed to the client’s financial institution for deposit, allowing each client to comply with KYC, BSA, and AML policies. More importantly, solutions provided by, streamline the Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and Document Management processes.

The Payment Gateway is bank agnostic and thus supports integration into any financial institution that allows NACHA or Image Cash Letter file upload.

The Payment Gateway allows ACH Credits, ACH Debits, and Check 21 (Physical Checks Captured via a mobile capture device, check scanner, or flatbed scanner) transactions to be submitted.

All of the solutions are built using modern technology (i.e. Java, Dropwizard, Vue, etc), which makes integration time significantly less, thereby lowering the cost of implementation. No software is required for our Check Scanning or Check Capture solutions, allowing all functions to natively within a client cloud-based platform.

Yes. Depending on the financial institution and the client’s requirements, the Payment Gateway retrieves check or ACH returns from the financial institution and provides them to the client via API or the Gateway UI. Clients utilizing the ACH Connect, Payology Mobile Check Capture, or Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce solutions can choose to use the automated negative cash receipt options to manage soft and/or hard returns. This process automatically reverts the original invoices to their original balances.

Prices are determined during the application process and are based primarily on the solution used, transaction volume, and industry type.

ACH Credits, ACH Debits, and Virtual Check 21 solutions are not available to high-risk clients.

Payology Check Scanning requires a check scanner driver to be installed. Once the driver is installed, users will only need a web browser with internet access.

Clients utilizing the Payment Gateway are required to have access to ACH file upload functionality and/or Image Cash Letter functionality with their financial institution. If licensing the Payology API or SDK, clients must allocate development resources to ensure all capabilities are working within their cloud-based environment. Clients licensing Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce or ACH Connect are not required to allocate development resources as integration is typically done by's team. bills its clients annually, monthly, weekly, or daily depending on the type of solution licensed, the volume of transactions and/or items, and the industry type.

Registration varies between two and ten business days.