Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce

The Payology Check Scanning app allows clients to easily scan checks, apply them to objects, and transmit them to their financial institution natively in Salesforce. The app allows for the scanning and storage of check images and the extraction and mapping of data found within the check to records/fields within Salesforce. Payology Check Scanning allows for remittance advice scanning, barcode scanning and extraction, non-programmatic check scanning user-interface configuration, and real-time validation. In many instances, clients utilizing the Payology Check Scanning app will also use the Payology Lite app to submit scanned check items to their financial institutions.

Payology Check Scanning gives clients the ability to automatically apply check payments to one or more records/objects (i.e., invoices, accounts, policies, opportunities, etc.) with or without the use of remittance advice. The Payology Check Scanning app also allows for check or remittance advice grouping matching multiple remittance advices per check or multiple checks per remittance advice. offers out-of-the-box, open extensions to streamline the configuration process for NPSP, Accounting Seed, Blackthorn, and Self-Directed IRA users. Each extension is open, which allows for the alteration or customization of the check scanning grid and post-batch closure triggers and workflows. Additionally, this solution is completely customizable to fit any business requirements with little to no development resources needed.

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