ATM Verify Validation

Bank Account Validation

ATM Verify

The ATM Verify service allows merchants to validate bank acconts ensuring that the account is open and in good standing. The ATM Verify service is, in most cases, the first tier utilized to verify transactions as it encompasses most small-to-large banks in the US. The service is comprised of two levels:

Level 1: The ATM Verify service will perform a real-time query of the consumers bank account to validate funds. This occurs for only a handful of institutions nationally.

Level 2: Transactions with no definitive results from the Level 1 query will be checked for account validity. The system will determine whether the account being debited is open and in good standing.

The Benefits

  • Determines Whether Account is Open
  • Determines Whether Account is in Good Standings
  • Encompasses Most Small-to-Large Banks
  • Verifies Funds Against a Handful of Banks
  • Real-Time Verification

Reduce check returns, chargebacks, processing fees, and settlement time

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