Proprietery Check Scanning Capabilities

Web-Based Remote Deposit Capture

Check 21 Remote Deposit Capture Solution

Remote Deposit Capture

Web-Based Check Scanning Solution

Merchants accepting physical checks can utilize the Remote Deposit Capture Service to faciliate the personal, business and certified check collection process. The web-based remote deposit solution allows merchants to utilize their existing check scanning hardware to scan checks at a single location or across mutliple locations. Because the RDC solution is bank agnostic, merchants can debit and deposit funds across mutliple bank account at multiple institutions.

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Check 21 RDC White Label

White Label Check Scanning

Remote Deposit Capture SDK provides technology developers and payment facilitators with an SDK to integrate the RDC solution into their platform. The easy-to-use, easy-to-install SDK allows technology partners to match check payors against contacts, amounts against open bills or invoices, and create receipts for payments upon deposit.

For information regarding's Remote Deposit Capture SDK for the entire accounts receivables process, click here.

Check 21 Full Page Check Scanning

Full Page Check Scanning

Advanced Tooling Engine API's Advanced Tooling Engine API allows merchants and technology providers alike to automate the cropping of full page check images, extraction of corresponding check data and the parsing of that data. This solution is most widely used by users who are in receipt of physical checks and are required to submit those checks for deposit within 24 hours.

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