Payment Gateway V3 Released

The team is excited to announce Version 3 of the Payment Gateway with many new reporting features now available to all clients. Clients now have access to API endpoints that allow for Order ID lookups, recurring credit payments, and much more. Payment Gateway and ACH Connect Integration

The Payment Gateway now integrates with ACH Connect, giving merchants the ability to receive and send ACH credits and debits from Salesforce. Many clients including property management companies often utilize this integration to offer additional payment options to their customers as well as to pay vendor bills.

Celebrating the 12th Anniversary of the Payment Gateway

We are proud to celebrate the 12th anniversary of our first product, the Payment Gateway. Since our early beginnings, both the company and team have come a long way and have grown our product offerings. We will soon be rebranding to reflect this effort. Thank you to all our clients and team members throughout the years; we would not be here without all of you supporting us!

What is the Check 21 Payment Gateway?

The Payment Gateway allows clients to create and transmit Check 21 (business, personal, and certified checks) and ACH credit and debit files directly to their financial institution. By using the Payment Gateway, clients can benefit from lower costs, same-day or next-day fund availability, and a streamlined approach to payment processing.