Check Force

Scan Checks Directly in SalesForce

SalesForce Check Scanning is sole provider of a native SalesForce Check Scanning solution. This solution is feature-rich as it is integrated into Accounting Seed, one of only a few accounting platforms.

During the Check Scanning process, the CheckForce solution matches payees against contacts and allocated the checks received against open bills or invoices.

You can view a short demonstration of CheckForce in combination with Accounting Seed and SalesForce by clicking the play button on the video below.

The Benefits

  • Native SalesForce Check Scanning
  • Automated Matching of Payees
  • Automated Account Receivables Process
  • Same-Day or Next-Day Fund Availability
  • Direct Merchant-to-Bank Relationship
  • Detailed Reporting Functionality

Reduce check returns, chargebacks, processing fees, and settlement time

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