New Product Release: Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce

The release of Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce has finally arrived! Similar to the Check Scanning SDK, the fully native Salesforce app allows clients to scan checks, apply them to records (bills, accounts, etc), and transmit them to their financial institution. The Payology team will continue to enhance the solution, creating extensions for nonprofits, insurance companies, self-directed IRAs, and property management organizations.

NPSP Extension Release

Nonprofits and higher education organizations can now use the Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce with NPSP. Out-of-box, this extension customizes the check scanning UI to fit typical nonprofit needs like matching checks to households, campaigns, funds, etc. There are also multiple gift types preconfigured for allocation including one-time gifts, sponsorships, events, gifts-in-kind, pledges, and more.

IRA Extension Releasee

Self-directed IRA Custodians (SDIRAs) can now use the IRA extension of Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce. The self-directed IRA extension allows for remittance advice grouping, payee to financial account matching, allocation of funds to assets, split-assets, contributions, rollovers, and transfers. A complex validation engine available pre-deposit is also built-in. The Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce extension for IRAs reduces check scanning and logging time by up to 90%.

Accounting Seed Extension Release

Accounting Seed users can now rejoice as we have released the Accounting Seed extension for Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce. The Account Seed extension is open, which allows for the alteration or customization of the check scanning grid and post-batch closure triggers and workflows. To streamline the accounts receivable process, the extension allows users to apply checks to bills or prepayments and auto-populates the bills from oldest to newest upon selection of accounts.

What is Check Scanning for Salesforce?

Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce allows users to scan and store check images while extracting and mapping check data to Salesforce records. Some highly utilized features include remittance advice scanning, barcode scanning and extraction, non-programmatic check scanning user-interface configuration, and real-time validation.