A returned check type indicating the bank account has been closed by the person or organization.

Account validity is a check verification option that ensures a checking or savings bank account provided by a customer is valid.

ATM Verify identifies good and bad check writers using a consortium of negative databases.

Checks that were written to an organization or person but have been returned by the depository institution. The most common reasons for a bounced check are "Non-Sufficient" and "Refer to Maker".

The Check Verification options available through Check21.com offer clients the ability to validate accounts and determine check-writing history.

Historical data consisting of checks which have been written to organizations, including checks that have cleared and those which have not.

ForeWarn Validation provides organizations with the ability to verify account validity, matching account data entered or submitted by an organization's users to the data provided by the banks.

NCN Verify is a solution used by organizations to determine whether a check writer has written "good" or "bad" checks in the past. NCN is an acronym for the National Check Network. The National Check Network is composed of over 300 million check records.

A person or organization that has written checks in the past, some of which have returned or bounced.

A person or organization that has written checks in the past, all of which have cleared.

A function of the Check Verification app that allows organizations to scan checks for verification purposes only.

A type of returned check/ACH indicating the bank could not locate the account number that was utilized for debits and/or credit.