New Product Release: Check Verification for Salesforce

Check Verification for Salesforce is a native application that allows organizations to utilize multiple verification methods to reduce ACH and check returns. Clients can assess and mitigate risks associated with electronic and physical payment presentment by using ATM Verify to identify negative check writers and ForeWarn to validate bank accounts.

NACHA Requires Validation of ACH Transactions

NACHA enacted the WEB Debit Account Validation Rule effective March 19, 2021. The new rule will require all initial web-based transactions to be validated. NACHA is giving a year of leeway for organizations to become compliant with the new validation rule and will not enforce compliance until March 2022.

What is Check Verification for Salesforce?

Check Verification for Salesforce helps merchants mitigate risk associated with the acceptance of ACH and check payments. The app allows organizations to verify account validity and check-writing history to reduce check and ACH payment returns.