Docusplit is the only PDF and image management application that allows users to scan or import, then split PDF/image files natively within Salesforce and apply them to records. The app is installed within an organization’s Salesforce environment as a managed application.

Users utilizing Docusplit for Salesforce can scan documents using any Twain or WIA Compatible document scanner.

Users can save a page or a group of pages directly to Salesforce Object Records.

Organization Administrators can determine whether Salesforce Attachments or Salesforce Files will be utilized during the document saving process.

Docusplit users can save a group of pages as a Multi-PDF (group all pages into one PDF file) or each parsed page as a PDF, PNG, or JPG image.

Users utilizing Docusplit for Salesforce can upload multi-page PDF files from their PC or directly from Files and Attachments of Salesforce Records.

Users can easily select the pages they would like to save as a group or individually.

Organizational Administrators can set the default file naming conventions based on the type of documents being scanned or imported and saved using Docusplit.

Organizations requiring additional fields to be added to the Docusplit User Interface can speak with the sales team to fulfill their request. Added fields can be used to save data into the selected Salesforce Records as part of the file saving process.

Organizations that require Triggers or Workflows to be executed on saving, can speak with the Docusplit sales team to fulfill the request.