Docusplit 2.0 Released Today

Today, the team is releasing Docusplit 2.0 which has been updated to include document scanning and other features to make it a complete document management solution native to Salesforce. The app allows users to scan documents or import them from a local device or Salesforce record, manipulate or annotate each page within the document(s), and save a page or group of pages to a variety of Salesforce records.

Feature Update: User Defined Fields

Docusplit now gives users the ability to create and define custom fields on the Docusplit User Interface. With this new feature, users can update records at the same time in which documents are being saved.

What is Docusplit?

Docusplit is the first and only, native Salesforce document scanning solution. The solution allows users within an organization to scan/import, split, and edit documents directly into Salesforce objects, bypassing the lengthy file save and import workflow.