Avanced Tooling Engine API

Image Cropping, Extraction and Parsing API

Full Page Check Scanning

The Check21.com Advanced Tooling Engine automates the cropping of full page check images, the extraction of corresponding check data and the parsing of account information.

In addition to the cropping, extraction and parsing of check data, Image Quality (IQA) and Usability tests are performed on both the front and back of the cropped check images.

You can view a short demonstration of the Advaced Tooling Engine API by clicking the play button on the video below.

The Benefits

  • Automated Check Cropping
  • Multi-Level OCR Engine
  • High OCR Accuracy Rate
  • MICR, Payor, Amount Data Extraction/li>
  • Routing, Account, and Check Number Parsing
  • Usability Testing
  • Image Quaility Testing

Reduce check returns, chargebacks, processing fees, and settlement time

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