City of St. Louis Offers Corporate Clients ACH Alternative

To reduce returns associated with ACH debits of corporate accounts, The City of St. Louis has begun utilizing’s Remotely Created Check (RCC) solution. The solution enables the permitting division to bypass ACH account limitation, increasing their debit collection efforts. St. Louis also uses the Payment Gateway’s ACH functionality to collect payments for personal accounts. However, before debit, to comply with NACHA guidelines, the City of St. Louis uses ForeWarn to validate accounts, limiting the number of mistyped bank account numbers.

State of Ohio Adds Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce

The State of Ohio’s Utilities Division chose Salesforce to automate their business processes. To meet its requirements, the business team added Payology Check Scanning, allowing its Salesforce users to scan checks, apply them to open invoices and transmit the check items directly to their financial institution. Furthermore, the Payology Check Scanning solution allows the State to scan remittance items and validate checks against internal blacklists while complying with all security and privacy policies, further streamlining check in-take.

What solutions do local and state Municipalities use?

Municipality clients use the Payment Gateway or Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce solutions in their Permitting and Utility departments to streamline the Accounts Receivable process. By using these solutions, in combination with the Check Verification API and RCC capabilities the municipalities reduce returns, float times, and costs while increasing customer satisfaction.