An organization or home in which one or more donors abide.

Individuals, businesses or government entities that donate or provide grants to nonprofit organizations or higher education institutions.

Used to determine the designation of a donation within a nonprofit organization. When using Salesforce NPSP, this is generally defined as the GAU record.

A fund where nonprofit organizations utilizing Salesforce NPSP can account for money set aside for a specific use or restriction. Clients using Payology Check Scanning for NPSP can allocate checks to a fund or split funds between one or more GAUs.

Nonprofits generally utilize campaigns and appeals to track the receipt of donations through marketing initiatives (i.e., mailing, events, etc).

Salesforce NPSP allows for appeals or sub-solicitations which are subgroups of campaigns. Nonprofits using Payology Check Scanning for Salesforce can apply checks to appeals or sub-solicitations.

A cash or non-cash gift donated to a nonprofit organization.

In Salesforce, the Opportunity record is used to track any paid or pledged donation.

Types of donations which are received by a nonprofit organization. This includes but is not limited to One-time Gift, One-time Gift with Soft Credit, Grant, In-Kind, Major Gift, Matching Donation, and Membership.

Soft credits allow nonprofit organizations to track and acknowledge constituents who may not make donations directly, but who have considerable influence over the decision to make donations.