A bill property management companies issue to their residents for their monthly lease payments.

Residents of property management companies can pay their rent before an invoice is issued.

Tenants residing within a unit rented or managed by property management companies.

An automatic bill payment that is scheduled on a predetermined date to pay a recurring invoice. Typically this is used by residents to pay their monthly rent using ACH.

Contractual agreements between a lessee/tenant and lessor/landlord stipulating the use of the real property for a specific sum typically paid in monthly installments.

Parking spaces can be an additional charge by residential properties, which can be collected using Payology Mobile Check Capture, ACH Connect, or Payology Check Scanning Salesforce apps or within their cloud-based environments via API and SDK.

Residential properties often provide amenities to their tenants at additional cost. Such amenities can include access to pool and gym facilities.

Physical property used to store items and rented individually to tenants.