Payology Mobile Check Capture is an API-based solution that receives a physical check image originating from a smartphone or flatbed check scanner. Upon receipt of the image, the API rotates the image, returning the cropped image of the check. With each image transmitted over API, corresponding data such as account, payee contact, MICR, IQA and usability testing result values are returned.

Upon receipt of a check mage in letter-sized format, the Payology Mobile Check Capture API detects the borders of a check, crops the item, and provides the cropped item in JPG and/or TIFF format. The data is provided within the JSON response.

Regardless of how a check image originates, the Payology Mobile Check Capture API solution can be called upon to detect, crop, and extract images and their corresponding data. The Payology Mobile Check Capture API is purely cloud-based and does not require the installation of any software or device drivers.

Physical checks items can be captured using smartphone cameras. Upon capture, the check is transmitted to the Payology Mobile Check Capture API. The check is then rotated, cropped, and its data extracted.

Similar to Smartphone Check Capture, the Flatbed Scanner Check Capture solution analyzes the physical check image, detects its borders, then crops and extracts the MICR and OCR data.

The MICR line, a row of data which includes account number, routing number, check number, and at times, amount, found on the bottom of a check is captured, extracted, and transmitted in a JSON response to the client upon API submission.

Upon capture and transmission of a check image, the Payology Mobile Check Capture API invokes a two-tiered OCR engine and returns all recognizable data in a JSON format.

Upon submission of a check image to the Payology Mobile Check Capture API, several usability tests are initiated. These tests may include signature, endorsement, courtesy amount, and legal amount detection.

Before transmission of check images and upon submission of the image to the Payology Mobile Check Capture API, IQA testing is initiated. Such tests meet Federal Reserve standards and may include skew, excessive spot, brightness, contrast, and torn edge detection.

Upon submission of a check image to the Payology Mobile Check Capture API, a JSON response, a standardized format that is human-readable, is transmitted to the client. The JSON response includes any check or remittance advice image, cropped and prepared for bank transmission along with any corresponding data associated with the image. For example, a JSON response for a scanned check would include the front and rear of the check image in TIFF format, the front of the image in JPG format, the payee name, address, account number, routing number, check number, amount, and the full MICR line unparsed. It will also include IQA and Usability testing.

Payology Mobile Check Capture Features for Salesforce

Using a browser-accessible device, clients can snap check images with Payology Mobile Check Capture for Salesforce.

Clients with native Android or iPhone apps can use the open API to send captured check data directly to Salesforce and relate to existing records (i.e., accounts, contacts, bills, etc.).

Payology Mobile Check Capture allows clients to append values to Salesforce fields and trigger workflow processes.

The Payology Mobile Check Capture app can detect and reject previously captured check items.

In the event a check is returned or rejected for a deposit adjustment, the app will void duplication recognition to allow for the check to be recaptured and submitted.

Payology MCC can validate the captured check amount against the expected amount for a specific transaction (i.e., check amount must equal invoice amount).