Virtual Check 21

Combination of Remotely Create Checks and Remote Deposit Capture

Virtual Check21

Using the Virtual Check 21 System enables merchants to create a virtual check ("Print Demand Draft", "Check 21 Demand Draft") using their customer's bank account information. This virtual check is then verified, at the request of the merchant, against's three-tier check verification system.

Upon successful verification, provides the merchants depository bank with an X9.37/Check 21 file inclusive of transaction data and a virtual image of a check based on that data. The process is similar to that of the Remote Deposit Capture Solution, with the only distinction is an inclusion of a virtual check in place of a physical check.

The Benefits

  • Same-Day or Next-Day Fund Availability
  • Direct Merchant-to-Bank Relationship
  • Automated Recurring Module
  • Detailed Reporting Functionality
  • Return Check Reconciliation
  • Centralized Payment Platform

Reduce check returns, chargebacks, processing fees, and settlement time

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