Virtual Check 21 & Demand Drafts

Remotely Created Checks Combined With Check 21

Virtual Check and RDC Solutions

Virtual Check21

Electronic Check Processing

Merchants may elect to use the Virtual Check 21 service to facilitate electronic check debits. To facilitate such payments, combines remotely created checks with remote desktop capture or image cash letter capabilities, thus allowing for the full automation of the debit process.

To learn more about the RCC, RDC and ICL process, click here.

RCC Demand Drafts Remotely Created and Delivered

Demand Drafts & Courier Service

Remotely Created Checks Delivered

When ACH debits or the automation of the Virtual Check 21 service is not an option, merchants can choose to utilize the Demand Draft and Courier Service. Using this service, will print demand drafts on behalf of the merchant and deliver them directly to the merchants financial insitution for deposit.

For information regarding the creation, printing and delivery of drafts, click here.

ACH Transactions

ACH Debits and Credits

ACH Debits Solution

ACH Debits

Clearing House Debits offers merchants who choose to utilize standard electronic payments, the ACH Debit Service. The ACH Debit Service offered by facilitates the creation of ACH debit files and transmits such files to the customers financial institution thereby eliminated a payment agreegator or third party processors.

To find out how creates ACH debit files and transmits those files to your institution click here.

ACH Credits Solution

ACH Credits

Clearing House Credits offers the ACH Credit Service as its sole electronic credit/refund option. Merchants can post debit transactions and refund their consumers utilizing the service. Additionally, should merchants desire to simply credit their existing clientelle and/or vendors, they can do so as and when they see fit.

For more information on how merchants can credit theirs customers or vendors click here.

Mobile Capture

Check Capture SDK

Mobile Check Capture RDC

Mobile Photo Capture

Smart Phone Photo Check Capture is currently developing a mobile capture SDK which allows merchants to enable customers to utilize photo check capture capabilities to facilitate physical check payment inclusive of money orders and cashier checks.